March 8, 2011

Recently I’ve found out how conveniently calling people ‘Bro’ are. When you bump into somebody who have the ability to memorize your existence and start calling you by your name, you just reply back with ‘Hi, Bro!’.

Why is it convenient?

Well, it’s convenient for people like me who have limited ability in memorizing people’s name.


there’s a thing

February 10, 2011

There’s a thing that you will find, every time you seek



thanks my dear!

January 3, 2011

Watched my missus checking her FB on mobile – she then decided it’s fun to find out how many person in that social network share the same name as mine.

“Quite a lot…” I was kind of amused.

“Yeah, but it’s their father’s name!” she replied dryly.

I felt old.



October 7, 2010

Spend some time watching ‘Invictus’ yesterday. I must rank it as the second best sports movie of all time, just behind ‘Cinderella Man’.

I’ve never thought the ’95 World Cup final meant so much for the host. My memories of that final is all about hearing my seniors grumbling about how the All Blacks have lost and Lomu had a stinker.

‘Invictus’ was inspiring, but thank God there’s no vuvuzelas.

"...listen to your country..."

remember the taste of defeat, and swear never to taste it again..

yeah you’re right, beer tastes like s**t!!


why boss

July 15, 2010

Whenever I was in speaking term with my boss, he’ll always came up with words that described him as a resilient and innovative person.

“You know, my job is very demanding.. it forces me everyday, to think outside the box..”

I just wish one day I’ve the gut to say, “Why boss, are you claustrophobic?”



June 21, 2010

ada tak ‘meeting’ kat dunia ni yang tak ‘boring’? ‘meeting’ kat OCC tak ‘boring’ kot… tapi sejak Vin dah takde, mesti ‘boring’ gak…

‘meeting’ pagi ni memang boring, boring macam World Cup 2010

Jack and the Beanstalk aje yang nampak berseri – seri. Berseri – seri macam ‘result game’ World Cup.


jemputan 5/6

April 26, 2010

…menjemput semua rakan-rakan yang dikasihi ke majlis perkahwinan Encik Mahyuddin dan Cik Marsitah…

…majlis perkahwinan di pihak pengantin perempuan akan diadakan di Kulim, Kedah pada hari Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010, manakala majlis di pihak pengantin lelaki akan diadakan di Raub, Pahang pada hari Sabtu berikutnya, 5 Jun 2010.

…rakan-rakan yang masih belum menerima kad jemputan yang asli diharap banyak bersabar, gangguan cuaca yang tidak menentu sejak kebelakangan ini melambatkan tugas penghantaran…

…diharap kehadiran rakan-rakan dan keluarga akan memeriahkan lagi majlis (di pihak lelaki ada menu kambing biri-biri…)